Since 1973, the Association of Women in Agriculture (AWA) has provided young woman learning opportunities through professional, social and service activities as the largest agricultural and life science women’s organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This learning experience includes the opportunity to live in AWA’s college home built a generation ago in 1994. 

Our existing 20-year-old home has been maintained through a well-balanced budget and is now in need of larger-scale repairs and updates to continue to meet the needs of today’s student residents and AWA members. An inspection and assessment provided us a list of $200,000 in repairs and updates. With our careful expense management and fiscally-responsible decisions, including paying off our mortgage early as well as our recently-obtained property-tax exemption from the City of Madison, we are able to partially fund these project costs through our cash flow. However, those efforts will pay only half of the bill. This capital campaign will raise half of the funds needed for these projects and kick start the work to complete the most-requested student priorities by fall 2017. 

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